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Keglevich Dry

Keglevich Dry

Produced in Poland, Keglevich Dry Vodka was born in 1882 from selected high quality raw materials, 100% pure wheat and a 6-cycle distillation production process.

Offering a soft, intense and unmistakable taste, Keglevich Dry is a pure vodka with a concentrated and pungent aroma. Limpid and crystalline with a rich and balanced body, Keglevich Dry tastes great straight and mixed in cocktails for incomparable energy: from the great classics such as a vodka tonic, to the original K-Fruit Mule - a fruity variation of the classic Moscow Mule created by Keglevich.

Keglevich is also available in a range of fruit-flavoured, vodka-based liqueurs. 
All Keglevich variants are gluten free, GMO free and the production processes are low environmental impact.

To find out more about Keglevich, please visit our brand website or follow Keglevich on Facebook and Instagram.

(Pakiranje proizvoda I dostupne veličine mogu varirati ovisno o tržištu I podložne su promjenama.)